Discover the island

The Green Island

Ischia is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples.

It is a volcanic island, full of wonderful views.

The climate changes, season after season, between valleys and hills, cliffs, beaches and headlands, pine forests, woods and mountains (the summit is Mount Epomeo, 788 m high).

Ischia, the Green Island, is full of tall trees that are found in colored clearings, such as in Cretaio, the Maddalena woods and Fondo d’Oglio; oasis for naturalists, where migratory birds fly, in a mixture of wild orchids, anemones, and very rare papyrus of the hot fumaroles.

The nature of the island offers unique sensations, from the coasts of Campagnano and Piano Liguori to Punta Imperatore and Punta Zaro.

On the island there are broom, myrtle, laurel, oaks, acacias, vineyards, orchards, citrus groves and vegetable gardens.