The beaches of Ischia

There are 37 Km of coast to enjoy the sea of Ischia with its gorges, caves, bays and strips of beach, its costlines colored by smooth pebbles that make bath become a moment of relax to share with friends and family.

Corners of paradise where the seawater mingle with the hot thermalwater that springs a few steps from the shoreline; hidden places to reach with the boat, where silence is only broken by the far stream of seagulls.

The bathing zone, alternated by bathing establishments and free areas, surrounding the island from nord to west, touches the "Spiaggia degli Inglesi", overpasses the principal port of the island, and continues till the Lido and the Mandra. This sandy beaches are divided by rocks and pine forests.

The beach of Cartaromana is between the Castello Aragonese and the Sant'Anna cliffs and offers one of the best views of the island with its rocks that dominate the submerged port from roman period.

Fumaroles and hot springs are sprouting on the south side of the island and characterizes the enchanting 3 km of sandy shore of the beach of Maronti. This beach can be reached by taking a charming panoramic road that starts in Barano and descends towards the sea.  Another great way to reach the beach is to use a water taxi from the picturesque port of Sant'Angelo.

Sant'Angelo is on the extreme south of the island: its sandy corner goes to west till the creek of Sorgeto with its sprigs of hot thermal water that heat the shoreline, you can also bath in midwinter.

One of the most popular beaches on the island is the Citara beach, it has crystal-clear water that laps the shoreline and mixes with the thermal water spas in several points, allowing you to bathe in the sea and reap the benefit of thermal water at the same time.

After a rock scene there is the magic golf of San Montano, an unusual beach, closed in between Mount Vico and Mount Zaro, it has unique characteristics compared to the island's other beaches. The clear sea water is very hot and the water is extremely shallow.