Enjoying the benefits of the regenerating springs of Ischia

Surrounded by  the colours and scents of the garden, between the green of the ficus and the palm, the pool, whose energetic water can keep a constant temperature of 35 degrees , is a small lagoon where you can be shooted by whirlpool and, in the quiet and wellness, you can make the rest of the world wait.


Two springs supply Villa Angelica with power, heat and energy.

The springs, with a high mineral content, are of sodium-chloride-sulfate and gush out of a depth of 30 meters at 59 degree temperature.
The power of this water, once cold, is due to the presence of a series of different and precious elements and diving in it makes you feel wrapped in silk.

The swimmingpool is not suitable for children under the age of 12 years.

A beautiful solarium terrace, on the third  floor, is the place where you can enjoy calm for a perfect stay in the name of relax.

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