The Green Island

Ischia is the biggest island of the Golf of Naples.

It is rich of foreshortenings and panoramas that captures the look.

The extraordinary and unique clima of Ischia turn, season after season among the valleys and the hills, the cliffs, the beaches and the promontories, the pinewoods, woods and mountains (the peak is Monte Epomeo, 788m tall) in an uncontaminated habitat.

The four primordial elements: air, earth, fire and water, are the perfect sinthesis of the landscape of Ischia island.

It's called Green Island for antonomasia, because of its high stem trees that surroundes colourful glades such as at  the "Cretaio", or the "Maddalena wood" and at  the "Fondo d'Oglio".

Places that are oasis for naturalists, where migratory birds are flying, wild orchids, anemones and rare papyruses from the fumaroles are growing.

Nature, with the fragrances of rosemary and wild oregano, thyme and sage enjoys giving feelings from east to west, from the coast of Campagnano to Piano Liguori, till Punta Imperatore and Punta Zaro.

Brooms, myrtles laurels, oaks and acacias play everywhere with the Mediterranean light that crosses terraces of vineyards, orchards, citrus and beautiful gardens.