Hinterland and Monte Epomeo

Ischia, called “the green island” for its lush vegetation, is characterized by thermal parks, beautiful beaches and a wonderful sea. Even the hinterland of Ischia is full of beauties to see.

If you decide to visit the interior of Ischia, you will find ancient villages and paths that will make you discover the other side of the island: based on agricultural tradition. There are many farms on the island, among which there are those that produce excellent Ischian wines.

For lovers of trekking, on horseback or on foot, Ischia is the perfect place because there are many paths you can take. You can cross the beautiful woods of Falanga, della Maddalena or Zaro, to breathe the fresh Mediterranean air. You can also reach the Punta Imperatore lighthouse, located on the top of an imposing promontory in Forio; cross the village of Panza characterized by many vineyards; you can visit the ancient peasant villages of Piano Liguori located along the hills between Ischia Ponte and Barano.

If you want to go off-shore trekking we recommend the ascent to Mount Epomeo: you can cross the ancient mule tracks from Forio or from Barano, perhaps ending with a visit to the ancient hermitage of the friars of San Nicola, whose church is entirely made by digging inside the tuff mountain rocks; here you can wait for the dawn to admire the spectacular Gulf of Naples and its islands.

If you are in the area of ​​Mount Epomeo you can reach the Bocca di Tifeo, a volcanic fumarole from which fumes and gas come out, crossing a path along which it is also possible to admire a stretch of the coast of Ischia, from Punta Imperatore to Punta Caruso; or along the ancient crater of the Ferrato, through the Cretaio road, following the “path of the Lizard”, along which you will also see the ancient spring of Buceto, which supplies drinking water to the Ischia.

There are also other paths to get to know Ischia: that of Pizzi Bianchi, an unusual rocky conformation characterized by a very white color, in the municipality of Serrara Fontana; or the Scarrupata di Barano, a path that runs along volcanic rocks that go down to the sea. At the end of the path you can also give yourself a regenerating bath in the enchanting sea of ​​the bay.

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